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Under the patronage of Dr. Nishshanka Wijerathne Minister of Education at Higher Education of Sri Lankan Democratic and Socialist Sovereign State. On behalf of Worlds Children’s Day with the helping hand of Ministry of Education. Newly constructed geography laboratory was donated to Anuradhapura Central College on 29th of January 1980 by Ministry of Sri Lanka National Museum.Two such laboratories have been donated to Horowpathana Central College and Galenbidunuwewa College and museum which located in Galle is now delectated. The exhibits which are kept in glass cupboards for the exhibition are as follows.

  • Birds related to reservoirs
  • Terrestrial and aquatic animal spectrum
  • Marine animal specimen
  • Non-venomous snake species
  • Venomous snake species
  • Middle – venomous snake species
  • Rocks specimen
  • Mineral specimen
  • Fossil specimens of elephants
  • Solar System

Display boards which are displayed in the museum contain Varities of information which are directly combined with education

  • Diseases spread through animals
  • Pests
  • Importance of water
  • Soil erosion, rock conservation
  • Equilibrium of nature
  • Conservation of environment
  • Marine species
  • Species of different urban areas
  • Evolution
  • Natural forests and cultivation

The museum was highly affected with the disastrous flood occurred in 2011 but under the guidance of honorable principal of our school and Mr. Leelasena, the teacher in charge of geography unit, under the support of school development society, museum was reestablished.