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In the process of development, human resource management plays an important role. Planning of future human capabilities is the main factor in the development of a country. So the counselling unit of our school does a great job in the process of maintaining the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of our students. Hence a counselling committee of 10 members has been established in the school.


  • Extracurricular activities are conducted for maintaining good physical and mental health of students and teachers and for the upliftment of the competency level and exam results of students.
  • Programmes and activities are conducted to maintain the discipline of the school and informative programmes on anti-drug campaigns are held for the students to encourage them to lead themselves to a brighter future.
  • Parent’s meeting are conducted in 6-7 section, 8-9 section, 10-11 section and in AL section Maths, Biology, Commerce and Art students aiming the development of them in all aspects.
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