Today we cannot step into society without the knowledge of ICT, because most of the activities are done using the knowledge of ICT. Seeing the importance of this at A/Central College, ICT is a part of the school curriculum. The students are facilitated in ICT with to learning centers, one multi mice interactive learning center and an audio visual unit. Computer learning center no 1 was establish under the Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP) funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2003. It can facilitate 40 students at a time. Computer Learning Center No 2 was establish to in 2013. The ministry of Education supplied 21 computers with the network. The infrastructure facilities were had to be supplied by the school. It can facilitate 20 students at a time. Audio Visual Unit has been donate by the Australian branch of the PSA of the school. It is plan to be completed in three stages with 60 computer machines with high capacity server and a network. For the 1st step 4 computers, a multimedia projector, a server and furniture for 18 students was established. Multi mice interactive learning center is one of the modern tool of education popular in the world. This center is equipped with the multimedia projector and single computer with the network which can be communicated by 25 students at a time, and it made much easier in teaching lesson by using visual. Classes from grades 10 and above are conducted at the computer learning centers, audio visual unit and multi mice interactive learning center. Students can offer ICT for Ordinary Level examination and Advanced Level examination,GIT for Advanced Level examination with the help of the college ICT teachers,

  • Mr. S. Vithana
  • Mrs. P. K. Dissanayaka
  • Miss. K. D. Wasana Jayasena
  • Mr. V. G. Suresh Jayawardhana
  • Mrs. R. Uddika Rathnayake

This task is done successfully with the modern technology provided to the students.

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