After generations, the present students have now become owners of brand new science labs. These labs are situated where they are related. At present there are many facilities provided for students who engage in experiments and they got all the necessary equipment’s at present.We have three laboratories. Namely,

  • Physics Laboratory : Mr.Wijenayake (In charge Teacher A/L)
  • Chemistry Laboratory : Mrs.W.Siriyalatha (In charge Teacher A/L)
  • Biology Laboratory : Mrs.D.A.Malani Chandralatha (In charge Teacher A/L)

Apart from these there are another three laboratories for students from grade 6 – 11.

  • 6-7 Laboratory : Mrs.P.G.L.Wasanthi Kumari (In charge Teacher)
  • 8-9 Laboratory : Mrs.R.K.Perera (In charge Teacher)
  • 10-11 Laboratory : Mrs.I.D.Jayalath